1. Emergency anaesthesia for fractures
  2. Routine anaesthesia for
    1. Joint replacement surgery,
    2. Arthroscopy,
    3. Fractured bones,
    4. Dislocations
    5. Tendon repair
  3. Correct application and use of tourniquets
  4. The problems that may result from the use of tourniquets and of cement
  5. Anaesthesia for spinal surgery (including scoliosis)
  6. Specific complications of orthopaedic surgery including
    1. Continuing blood loss,
    2. Compartment syndromes
    3. Neurovascular deficit
    4. complications due to difficulty of access to patients who may be on traction, in hip spicas, plaster jackets, and the problems of pressure areas

Andrzej K Jandziol and Richard Griffiths
The anaesthetic management of patients with hip fractures