Per-op disturbances in physiology

Principles of the causes, complications, detection and management of:

  1. Fall in end tidal CO2
  2. Rise in end tidal CO2
  3. Rise in inspired CO2
  4. Unexpected hypoxia with or without cyanosis
  5. Unexpected increase in peak airway pressure
  6. Progressive fall in minute volume during spontaneous respiration or IPPV
  7. Sinus tachycardia
  8. Sinus bradycardia
  9. Unexpected hypotension
  10. Unexpected hypertension
  11. Fall in cardiac filling pressure (CVP/PAWP)
  12. Rise in cardiac filling pressure (CVP/PAWP)
  13. Hyperthermia
  14. Hypothermia
  15. The stress response to surgery

Deborah Burton, Grainne Nicholson, and George Hall
Endocrine and metabolic response to surgery